People still disposing of e-Waste / WEEE in household bins

A survey, conducted by Empathy Research on behalf of WEEE Ireland shows that 12.5% of people in Ireland continue to dispose of small electrical items in household bins. 18-24 year olds are at the top of the league with 25% of them ignoring the environmental and public health risks posed by the improper disposal of […]

The UN’s fourth Global E-waste Monitor (GEM), 20th March 2024

The world’s generation of electronic waste is rising five times faster than documented e-waste recycling, A record 62 million tonnes (Mt) of e-waste/WEEE was produced in 2022, Up 82% from 2010; On track to rise another 32%, to 82 million tonnes, in 2030; Billions of dollar’s worth of strategically-valuable resources squandered, dumped; Just 1% of […]

weee2tree launch a second Native Irish Tree planting project.

The project which is being developed with the Mercey Secondary School in Kilbeggan. started during National Tree Week and saw the planting of an area of native trees on the school grounds. This weee2tree project is being directly sponsored by KMK Metals Recycling and is a follow up to our first project completed at O’Connell’s School Dublin in November 2023, which […]

Reuse and the Right to Repair

Global electronic waste volume is projected to grow to approximately 75 million tonnes by 2030. It is time for Repair, Reuse, and proper Materials Recovery to become the dominant factor in the management of electronic equipment and the word “e-waste” is removed from the lexicon I attended the International Electronics Recycling Congress in Salzburg in January. One […]

The scourge of disposable vapes

If you are walking anywhere today, you are certain to come across the latest litter scourge in Ireland, DISPOSABLE VAPES Aggressive marketing tactics by global tobacco corporations pushing disposable vapes, with sweet and dessert-like flavourings and colourful packaging. These are obviously and deliberately targeted at young people (children) and young people now make up a […]

European Council adopts new regulation on batteries and waste batteries

On the 10th July 2023 The European Council adopted a new regulation that strengthens sustainability rules for batteries and waste batteries. The regulation will regulate the entire life cycle of batteries – from production to reuse and recycling – and ensure that they are safe, sustainable and competitive. Batteries are key to the decarbonisation process […]

EU Battery Regulations Ireland

Obligations for anyone designated as a producer of Batteries on the Irish Market The main obligations are as follows Must Register with The Producer Register Limited Must hold a Certificate of Registration, and Certificate of Membership of a Battery Compliance Scheme Must Report details of batteries placed on the market every month to The Producer Register […]

With IT purchasing decisions, Sustainability takes Second Place to the Bottom Line

There is no escaping the effects of the climate crisis but differences of opinion exist on how to tackle it – particularly at the commercial level, where the bottom line often takes precedence over a moral imperative. Sustainability, still an optional extra in IT purchasing decisions According to a survey conducted by TechCentral for Pure Storage, 55% […]

UNITAR Update of WEEE Collection Rates, Targets, Flows, and Hoarding – 2021

The European Union (EU) Directive 2002/96/EC and Directive 2012/19/EU. have legislated Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) management since 2002 A new publication, prepared in partnership between UNITAR and the WEEE Forum and its members, provides key statistics of WEEE flows and collection rates in the EU-27, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Iceland from 2010 […]