Destruction away from your business

Our offsite Hard Drive Shredding service provides the ultimate in Certified Hard Drive Destruction for small quantities of hard drives. We also handle other sensitive Storage Media Data Destruction

Offsite Secure Disposal of Hard Drives, how it happens
Hard drives or other data storage media are collected and brought directly to our certified hard drive shredding facility in Finglas.

You can also arrange to have your hard drives delivered to our facility

We provide a hard drive disposal audit trail with the hard drive serial numbers scanned and listed on your Certified Hard Drive Destruction Certificate

See how we shred hard drives, our Disk Shredder in action

For large quantities of Hard Drives or other storage media we have our “WE COME TO YOU” service see our “Onsite Hard Drive Destruction” page for more details

This service is not recommended for small amounts of drives because of cost. Your site must be able to handle a 7.5 metre truck and have all the necessary Health & Safety facilities in place to handle an onsite shedding service.