The scourge of disposable vapes

If you are walking anywhere today, you are certain to come across the latest litter scourge in Ireland, DISPOSABLE VAPES

Aggressive marketing tactics by global tobacco corporations pushing disposable vapes, with sweet and dessert-like flavourings and colourful packaging. These are obviously and deliberately targeted at young people (children) and young people now make up a significant portion of vape users.

In The UK, the latest research from Material Focus, has revealed that the number of disposable single use vapes thrown away has soared from 1.3 million to nearly 5 million per week since 2022.

With a similar demographic to the UK, it is likely that somewhere between 375,000 and 500,000 single use vapes are disposed of every week in Ireland.

Each disposable vape contains a lithium battery, which means that 10 tonnes of lithium are discarded annually. That’s enough lithium to power the batteries for 1,200 electric vehicles.

Vapes also contain, plastic, rubber and metals all of which can be pollutants when disposed of carelessly. They are also valuable to the circular economy when recovered and properly recycled.


The WEEE blue battery box that can be found in many shops and Local Authority Recycling Centres.

Vapes can also be dropped off Free OF CHARGE in the WEEE Blue Battery Box at Electronic Recycling