With IT purchasing decisions, Sustainability takes Second Place to the Bottom Line

There is no escaping the effects of the climate crisis but differences of opinion exist on how to tackle it – particularly at the commercial level, where the bottom line often takes precedence over a moral imperative.

Sustainability, still an optional extra in IT purchasing decisions

According to a survey conducted by TechCentral for Pure Storage, 55% of IT professionals polled said sustainability ranked highly on their personal agenda, yet only 33% said they would purchase a product that cost more initially but would positively impact a company’s sustainability goals.

If it comes down to a choice between the heart and the wallet, it looks like the wallet is winning out.

But can your business afford the true cost of sustainability?

Joining Niall Kitson at TechFire on 28 February to tease out this burning question will be Mike Roan, EMEA senior director of systems engineering and Michael Kennedy, manager cloud, networks & security infrastructure, RTÉ.

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