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Electronic Recycling is the trade name of Chevron Environmental Ltd, based in Jamestown Business Park, Finglas in Dublin, just off the M50 (junction 5). The company specialises in WEEE recycling, managing all types of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment to the highest environmental standards

Established in 1996, Electronic Recycling specialise in WEEE recycling services in a Business to Business environment including Computer Recycling and other electronic office equipment disposal, from handling the smallest piece of office equipment, the toaster, the water cooler, to full manufacturing plant or Data Centre clear-outs, we have handled it all,


Electronic Recycling are one of the only waste facilities, in the Dublin City Council area, specifically licenced to handle WEEE. Waste Facility Permit number WFP-DC-09-0015-02

Combining this with our Twenty Five years of experience and our absolute commitment to customer service means that your obsolete electronic equipment and more importantly your information, is in good hands

What difference does having a licence make and why should this be of interest to you?

From a service point of view, none, as we are totally committed to using the most environmentally friendly, best available technology for WEEE Recycling on behalf of our clients but, it does mean that we are regularly vetted by Dublin City Council who monitor our procedures and check that we are complying with the conditions of our permit. This gives our valued clients the added comfort of knowing that, even though we use the best in class processes, we are also monitored by a third party whose focus is on environmental compliance so you know that when using Electronic Recycling you have a best in class environmentally compliant WEEE Recycling service provider in your supply chain.

Working with our various downstream partners we recover over 92% of the materials contained in WEEE for reuse.

We also provide the most secure way of destroying data from hard drives and other storage media
We achieve this in two ways

For customers who need absolute security we shred the hard drives here at our facility. There is no way back from this, data destruction is absolute

2. For hard drives where data wiping is sufficient security we
Our Shred the Data, Save the Drive process uses state of the art disk wiping technology system to securely wipe and re-master hard drives to all industry defined standards. Hard drives that do not pass the quality tests are shredded in the normal way.

If you have responsibility for WEEE Recycling (Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), talk to us, we take that responsibility seriously.

See how we shred Hard Drives and other Data Media
The Shredder working


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