Specialists in Computer Recycling,
IT Disposal, Hard Drive Shredding &
Data Destruction

Safe, Secure, Compliant Recycling of all types of Computer and other Office Electronic  Equipment  ISO9001-2015 Certified

Once your old computer equipment is decommissioned it moves from being an IT Asset to being an environmental and possible Data Liability

We manage that liability

For immediate service please provide details of the equipment you need recycled on our Contact us page 

To arrange a collection just complete and return our Request Collection Form.  On receipt of a completed Collection Request, we will arrange collection within 24 hours

The three stages of Computer Equipment Recycling

  • IT Asset Management.
  • If required, we will catalogue the disposed of IT assets, (keeping accounting happy)
  • For general Asset Recovery Services contact Bryan Palmer
Computer Recycling

Hard Drive Shredding
If required, we will shred your hard drive to destroy all data.
Hard drive shredding is automatic with our GDPR Compliance services

See how We shred hard drives

Computer Recycling
Equipment and components are then sorted into different categories and sent to our downstream partners for processing through and automated materials recovery process. This process uses shredders, granulators and various automated separation technologies to recover the raw materials for reuse.

This total process from collection to production of reusable raw materials is carried out in compliance with the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive  Recast 2012 and the Irish WEEE Regulations 2011 (keeping the EPA happy)

Under no circumstance do we send computer equipment to third world countries for reuse or disposal

If you have responsibility for the disposal of Obsolete Computer Equipment, give Electronic Recycling a call; we take that responsibility seriously