Electronic Recycling provide Safe, Secure, Compliant recycling of Photocopiers and large printers.

All photocopiers and large printers contain a hard drive that stores the information of anything that has been copied or scanned.  

There are two areas of concern when recycling photocopiers

  1. Toners and inks need to be removed for separate processing
  2. More importantly, the hard drive needs to be destroyed to prevent a data security breach

Our photocopier recycling programme addresses both these issues as part of the process

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Data Security during normal photocopier or large printer usage

Even during normal usage of your photocopier or large printer you should minimise your exposure to a possible data breach

  1. Your photocopier should have an encryption facility, make sure it is switched on
  2. Your data security policy should ensure that the information stored on a photocopier or printer is erased monthly.
  3. You should restrict users access to stored documents for employees who would not have access to them if they were on you company computer network
  4. When you change your photocopier make sure that the hard drive has been properly erased